Music-themed Poo spray "Opüs #2"

Music-themed Poo spray "Opüs #2"


Opüs #2 is an all-natural poo spray made by Helsel Music Services. You could compare it to that product with the funny commercials, but ours is better because it smells better, is more effective, and all of our products contain humorous poems with a musical theme.

The poem on Opüs #2 is as follows:

Own the throne, but before you do,
Give three sprays of Opüs #2.
Before the music you will toot,
Spray away, the scent is moot!

This product is long-lasting, effective, and clever. Great stocking stuffer or gift for the music lover in your family or friends list.

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Ingredients: essential oils, isopropyl alcohol, H2O, Pea flower extract