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Studio Services

We have worked with everyone from rock bands, to classical quartets, solo artists, and students who are creating audition recordings!

Helsel Music studios is a full-production recording facility located 35 minutes north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The studio has been in operation since 2005 and recently underwent a massive technology upgrade in the summer of 2017. There are more than 40 simultaneous inputs in four different sound-proof rooms connected to Pro-Tools as the DAW operated on powerful apple computers. Coming in 2020 will be a second state-of-the-art soundproofed control room for post-production and mixing sessions.

We use a variety of quality microphones including Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Røde, Shure, and Sennheiser to help meet your recording needs. During your session we will use the Hearback Technologies headphone system with eight different channels to allow you to customize your volume preferences without affecting your fellow performers or the recording itself.

All music equipment will be provided including necessary cables, preamps, mic stands, DI boxes and more! In addition, we have a Roland XP-80 keyboard workstation, Roland Fantom G8 keyboard workstation, and a stunning 7’9” Petrof Concert Grand Piano.

Following your session, you will be able to hear your music back through a Bose sound system and professional Mackie studio monitors, and work one-on-one with our recording engineer, Bryan Helsel, to create your final product. We are able to compile your work into a digital download or CD complete with layout design, full-color thermal printing, and professional shrink wrapping. CD duplication is also available.

Pricing is based on studio time to create your project and billed at $50/hr.


Recording On Location

Helsel Music Services utilizes a Korg MR-2000S for on-location stereo recording at 1bit, 5.6 mhz sample rate DSD quality. Multi-track on-location recording options are also available through a mobile ProTools rig and via a Roland VS-2480. We travel within a 2 hour distance of our studio for on-site recording (additional travel fees apply outside of our radius) - whether it be a live performance or recording session we are happy to work with you!

The flat-fee for recording on location is $250 (additional $50 travel fee for locations greater than 2 hours from our studio). With that price you get three archival CDs with layout design or a digital download based on your preference. Typical product turn-around time for on-location recordings is 2 weeks. If you are interested in additional CDs, please see our pricing guide below.

CD Duplication Pricing

$10 per
Individual CD

$9 per
30 or More CDs

$8 per
50 or more CDs

$7 per
100 or more CDs

Rehearsal Tracks

Helsel Music Services can be contracted to create MIDI and Scorch rehearsal files for your choir! These files can be found on this website and streamed or downloaded for your singers to access. Your final product will allow your singers to hear their individual part against an accompaniment, or hear their part with all parts playing. Using the Scorch file, they will also be able to adjust the tempo so they can work on accuracy.

Pricing is based on studio time to create your project and billed at $50/hr.


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Preparing For Your Session

Be Prepared

If you are on a budget, don’t attempt to write songs in the studio, but have your music prepared and extremely well rehearsed. There are a lot of wonderful recording tricks that we can do to fix any mistakes you might make in the studio, but it’s always easier and quicker if you are well rehearsed and know how you want your music to sound.

If you are with a band, you will want to decide if you want to all record in the same room, or be separated. The advantage of being isolated is that we can easily fix any mistake made on any individual instrument without effecting the other tracks since there is no bleed through on the microphones. You will be able to hear each other on the headphones, but you might prefer to play together in the same room. Depending on the style of your music, one method or another might be more appropriate.

Be Relaxed

Knowing that we can fix mistakes and transform your music into anything you can imagine don’t panic if you do make a mistake. This studio is designed to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Just relax, and enjoy your music! Anything is possible - you can sing backup for yourself, fix wrong notes, go multi-track and play all of the parts yourself or add piano, keyboard, or trumpet to your mix! Keep an open mind and enjoy the process of making your music come to life.

Bring Materials

Let us know what you plan to bring as far as amps, guitars, keyboard and other equipment so we can plan how to best set up for your session. Drummers should arrive at least an hour before your session to set-up and run a sound check. If we are doing your duplication, please bring any media material such as photos, biographies, etc so we can start the design process to give you the product you desire!

If you plan to book a multi-day stay for larger projects, and you wish to stay on site, you’ll find us on Airbnb as “Evergreen Escape.” There, we are superhosts, and offer a great deal of amenities such as breakfast and unlimited coffee and popcorn.


During recording breaks, you can play ping ping, pool, sit in the hot tub, walk trails on the grounds, or relax on the many hammocks that you’ll find throughout the property. We hope you find the entire experience to be inspiring to your creativity so that you get the best recording possible.

Fun and Leisure

At no extra cost, your sound engineer, Bryan Helsel, is happy to play piano or keyboards on your session, and Heather Helsel will be glad to sing on your project. Bryan is also connected with numerous local musicians, should you need to hire other session musicians.

Session Musicians